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Optimizing Your Business for Google Maps Traffic ​

Our trained and experienced professionals are here to help take your local business to the next level. Having helped other small businesses accomplish this goal, we have mastered the technique of optimizing your online presence so that your business is prominently featured on Google Maps.  
Say someone is planning a vacation and types in “google maps Farmington nm” or “google maps Farmington new Mexico” and finds their way to Google Maps, whereupon they search with a keyword like “doughnuts.” If you are in the doughnut business and are lovingly kneading that dough in the early morning hours to do justice to the family recipe, we are here to help make sure that internet searchers can find you easily. The goal is for your business to show up near the top of the Google Maps search results so that more customers click the link to your business’s website to see all that you have to offer.  
Imagine a couple in their car. The passenger types in “google maps Albuquerque” or “google maps Albuquerque new Mexico” with the keyword “fun things to do” or “recreation.” In today’s culture, this is often the method that people use to plan their next destination upon entering a new area. If you are running a mini-golf business, you want the address of your business to show up on their phone while they are in the decision making process. The service we provide is backed with SEO (search engine optimization) know-how which will allow us to help steer such searchers to your business from a broad range of potential search queries.

Letting Your Map Boost Your Sales

We recognize the importance of Google Maps for your business, which is why we have studied to understand the ways in which Google Maps decides how close to the top of the search page your business will appear to the searcher. The decision is based on an algorithm which searches for certain determining factors in your business’s online presence. When you hire us, we go to work to make sure that your website and online advertising strategy are going to cause these factors to work in your favor.  
The algorithm used for a Google search and a Google Maps search are not exactly the same. For this reason, the way that we help you shape the internet footprint of your business is going to take both methods of searching into account. You want to show up when the potential buyer is doing a Google search in preparation for a potential project, restaurant, or trip, but you also want to catch the attention of that last-minute vacationer who uses Google Maps as an afterthought, having just arrived in town.  
When businesses start tomorrow, the internet is going to have people typing into Google Maps “Farmington, NM Electricians” or “Plumbers Near Me” for wherever it may be, they’ll be looking for something your business offers. Whether your business has taken the preparation to show up high on the search results list or not, let us help you to make Google Maps part of your pathway to new levels of financial security for your business. ​